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The perception is that concrete cutting is noisy, slow and messy.  At Concrete Cutting and Sealing Co we look at this differently.  We understand that our customers want a quality job done, as quickly and cleanly as possible.


Our equipment is the latest technology, we have imported specialised equipment that has been selected for increased productivity.  In some cases this technology is unique to the market in production capabilities.  


At Concrete Cutting and Sealing Co we have been actively addressing the environmental impact from cutting concrete.  Proud to be the first company to make real changes in both our operations and clean-up techniques, reducing the impact to the environment.   


We are continuingly improving as we see future opportunities to further reduce our impact on both the environment and resources.



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Joint Sealing and Concrete Repair

We are approved applicator's for Dow Corning® Airport and Highway Silicone pavement sealants.


Core Drilling

Cores from 12mm to 600mm in diameter can be drilled through reinforced concrete.  Cores can be cut horizontally, vertically and inverted for plumbing penetrations and remedial concrete works.

Floor Sawing

Concrete or asphalt pavements can be cut up to 700mm deep using our range of high production floor (or flat) saws.  


We use the latest in saw technology to increase sawing rates and reduce emmissions.


We combine our experience and work closely with our tool suppliers to have blades built to specification for the job we are doing.

Green Concrete Cutting

Soffcut sawing of green concrete has many advantages over conventional "next day" cuts.


As the concrete cures, it shrinks, so putting in the saw cuts as early as possible helps prevent random or unplanned cracking.


The up-cutting rotation of the blade combines with the patented skid plate by applying pressure to the surface to prevent chipping or spalling.  This is a dry cutting process.

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Concrete Cutting and Sealing
Concrete Cutting and Sealing
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